Welcome to Amalgamated Space!

Welcome to AmalgamatedSpace! We’re here to give you the down-low on what’s happening with regards to Man’s efforts to explore the Final Frontier – From the giant that is NASA, to the Korean Committee of Space Technology. It seems everyone wants to get there, but why are there so few companies working together to achieve it?

SpaceX has it’s own program, focused ultimately on getting to Mars, NASA doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go these days (poor souls), Virgin Galactic is making a comeback of sorts, and Boeing seems to have thrown it’s hat in the ring as well. No-one seems to know what’s happened to the ESA, and everyone is relying to Russia to actually get people off planet.

Could you imagine every one of those agencies having the same goal, even if just for a year? What would they be able to achieve? The technology already exists to get to Mars (albeit slowly), and more than one Agency is interested in getting there. Surely a global effort could get us there (successfully) so much quicker than all these disparate efforts taking place around the world?

I’d like to see a Mars colony happening in the next decade, and while I accept I might never set foot on another planet (my wife would never allow me to escape that easily!), I believe it’s man’s destiny to make it to the Stars. Let’s Go!

Anton Kossmann


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