Is there anyone out there?!

So, there’s a new, potentially habitable, planet out there, only 40 Light-years away. Practically touching distance, galactically speaking. Add this to the 7 Trappist planets that NASA announced a couple of months ago, and we have a veritable feast of potential new and habitable worlds right on our doorstep.

Or not, as it were.

Let’s be brutally honest; none of us alive right now, or our kids, or grand kids for that matter, will ever set foot on these alien worlds.

Luckily there is a second, just as interesting search going on at present – the search for life within our own solar system. In the last few months we’ve heard of Water Plumes coming off Enceladus, with some of the right chemical compounds hinting at life, and for years we’ve known of the ocean on Europa. You’d think it’s only a matter of time before mankind finally gets a rover / Submarine out there, and then who know’s what discoveries might await us!

With all the talk of potential life existing within our own Solar System, it’s great to see that NASA is making progress in getting a vehicle up to Europa, with several different aspects of the mission now being discussed.

Do you think we’ll find life out there?

Anton Kossmann


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