Space Race?

Talk about a Space Race (or should that be a One-Horse race?)

I’ve just been having a peek at SpaceX’s website, and i’m blown away at how active they are, compared to any other Private (or Public) Space agencies. Here’s some Launch Stats from January 2017 till now, which are available on the SpaceX page, and the excellent Gunters Space Page:


So, if there have been 14 launches from the USA this year, and 10 of them are SpaceX, what exactly is anyone else doing? The fact that SpaceX has launched more than either Russia or China is also quite telling.

What’s most telling though is that they’ve only used the one type of rocket for all of their launches, which tells me they’ve really got their design down. This year already they’ve launched 2 re-supply missions to the ISS, and the rest have been satellite launches for private corporations.

Elon Musk is quite keen to tell the world that what they’ve achieved this without the benefit of Subsidies too.

“Worth noting that Boeing/Lockheed (“Other US” on chart) get a billion dollar annual subsidy even if they launch nothing. SpaceX does not.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 13, 2017″

Maybe that’s the answer? Send that money to SpaceX, they’ll make much better use of it!

Anton Kossmann


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